Benicia Dominates Berean Christian’s Football Team


Photo Credit: Jett Walker

By: Jett Walker and Adal Tesfay

Due to Berean Christian not having a JV football team, the Benicia Junior Varsity played against Jesse Bethel. Benicia proved their dominance right out the gates as they marched down the field during their first drive and eventually found their way into the endzone on a touchdown by Jonari Boone. Before the first half ended, the Panthers were able to punch in another score with a great run by Daniel Morgan. Coming out of the halftime break, Benicia was looking to add on to their 12-0 lead over the Bethel Jaguars. Penalties plagued the Panthers in the second half as it seemed as though for every first down they gained, they were pushed back further than where they started. Although, despite the many yard deficits, Benicia was still capable of scoring another touchdown with a strong run by Jonari Boone once again. The Benicia Panthers left the game with a strong 20-0 win over Jesse Bethel. This young junior varsity team continues to show their talent through every game and with this victory, move their record to 3-1.

     Last week, Benicia High competed against Berean Christian. The game was big for the panthers since its their first season game. The Panthers have been a little rocky this season with their record 2-2. The first quarter was rough for the Panthers with both teams competing against each other and the score shuffling going back and forth. At the end of the first half, the panthers had the lead by just a touchdown! Regardless, something changed after the panthers went into the locker room because soon after, they dominated the football field. The team overall clicked together and worked in harmony. This led the game to end 41-20. It wasn’t a specific individual that led the team to victory last friday night. It was the whole team as one. With this, Benicia High seems very promising in these upcoming games, they’ve got St. Pats next.

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