Benicia Panthers demolish SPSV Bruins in Playoff Game

#67, Jacob Dortch, gets ready to fire off at the snap of the ball

By Mikayla Carter

After years of anticipation, Benicia Panthers and SPSV Bruins finally got to battle it out on the field last Friday. The two schools, considering the close proximity to each other have been rivals in almost all sports despite being in different leagues. In a sold out stadium, the Panther football team proved themselves not to be overlooked, and completely dominated the game. With three SPSV players injured, St. Pat’s decided to forfeit with only a couple minutes left in the 4th left with nothing but the disappointing 32-0 Benicia score.

Benicia immediately commanded the field opening the game with a 23 yard touchdown by Justin Zimmer. A couple minutes later quarterback Kameron Lane had an amazing 55-yard touchdown, making the score 13-0. This winning streak continued throughout the entire game. Aaron Jenkins scored from one yard out and Elijah Harris increased the lead with a 6-yard touchdown leaving Panthers going into halftime with a score of 26-0 and all the momentum. No points were scored on either side during the 3rd, but at the start of the 4th, Kameron Lane ran yet another 18-yard touchdown, the score was the 32-0.

With St.Pats players Darius Hurd, Malik Ivey and Jaylen Crooms injured and off the field, the score only solidified that it was a lost cause for the Bruins. Benicia head coach, Craig Holden, and SPSV’s head coach, Lane Hawkins, mutually agreed the safety of the players always comes first and to start a running clock. After Crooms being carted off the field with a presumably serious neck injury, St. Patrick’s St. Vincent’s Bruins called it quits and the victory went to Benicia Panthers.

The game was undoubtedly played with ambition and heart, who knows when the two will compete again. Congrats Panther Football!

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