Armijo Lockdown Incident


Armijo High School, where the incident took place.

By Trina Bernal

    After only two weeks of school, the Armijo High School campus was under lock down on Friday, August, 25, 2018. The lock down occurred during a JV football game, on Friday, August 25. A shooter snuck in the high school gym, after gunshots were heard merely minutes before. 16-year old Fairfield resident Ahmar Willis was found shot and killed near campus.

    This unfortunate incident took place on the intersection of Washington Street and Bell Avenue, only walking distance from Armijo High. The case included one confirmed casualty and two serious injuries from gunshot wounds; one was a Vallejo male resident. Following the shooting, two suspects fled the area, one running in a bystander’s house, the other heading towards Armijo High.

    As this was all happening, an unwitting group of 500 students and parents were transferred from the football field to their gymnasium, library, and locker rooms. Monifa Mills, a student, told Sacramento CBS Local online, “We were all in the gym just sitting there, we didn’t even know he was in there. We were locked in there with him.”

    At the library, junior Jazlynn De La Cruz claimed, “Parents were getting different updates than us, so we were receiving different information and panicking.” The lock down was only in effect for a short time and everyone was dismissed, ABC7News reported that “Police quickly set up a perimeter, looking for two suspects, one they say was seen running through the school.” At 6:30pm, all football game spectators were ordered to leave, with hands clasped over their heads.

    Fairfield Police and campus security guards found out no one was hurt on immediate school location. It’s confirmed two groups were opposing each other in the midst of the dangerous gun incident. “We do know that there were multiple shooters and it appeared the groups were actually shooting at each other,” said Lt. Greg Hurlburt from Fairfield Police Department. Tuesday, August 28 continued the football games. A parent named Eric Nelson reported to Sacramento CBS Local admitted it hurts all moms and dads whose children go to school feeling unsafe, “We all have kids, and to think that could have been our kid.”

    The proceeds from the games went towards the police Activities league. Fairfield District is proud of its comprehensive active shooting training that facilitated the process of simultaneously keeping people safe and catching the shooters.

    Someone who knew Ahmar Willis wanted to share a message to those who know about the matter, “We’re an army of students, saying put down the guns, no more shootings.” Armijo High student Royce Guo is shocked of the event that unfolded before him and his fellow students, “The incident, though traumatizing, is a prime example of Armijo’s resilience and strength. We are tremendously thankful for the work of our local police and responders. We look forward to many football games in the season to come.”

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