Is Youtube Demonetizing LGBTQ+ Videos and Creators?

YouTube Demonetizing LGBTQ+

By Andy June

     In the past few years, Youtube has grown so big that it’s become a safe place for many people struggling with mental health. Yet in recent months, Youtube has been demonetizing videos that have no reason to be demonetized. When a video is monetized, it can have ads placed on them so the creator can get paid. If youtube demonetized a video, ads can no longer be placed on you’re videos and you can’t get paid like you normally would. This occurs because a video isn’t “appropriate.”

     Some of the main accounts and videos being demonetized are creators that are part of the LGBTQ+ community. These creators have many videos posted to their account and have had them there for years. However it is currently being acknowledged that any video with words related to the  LGBTQ+ community have been removed for some of these creators. For example, Kalvin Garrah, a transgender youtuber who focuses on helping other trans teens with there own transitions, had his account deleted by Youtube. As a test, a fellow youtuber, Chase Ross, posted a video with the word “Transgender” in the title instead of the more commonly used abbreviation “trans” to see if it would get demonetized. Surely enough, the video did, just like many others with the same keywords in the titles. Chase Ross posted this on twitter after uploading a video, with the word “Transgender” in the title and it being demonetized.

     Along with these creators being demonetized, anti-LGBTQ+ ads have been placed in their videos.  For example, one ad showed a florist who refused to make a flower assortment for a gay wedding. This video, placed on many  LGBTQ+ users’ videos, is this woman asking why couldn’t she use the gift god gave her in her own way and refuse to do something she didn’t believe in? The fact is that she uses her “gift” to make people happy, why couldn’t she make this gay couple happy? The rest of the video is her asking for pity on the fact she got a lawsuit because of this. When in fact all she had to do to avoid this, was make a flower assortment for a wedding. There are several more ads like this being put on the LGBTQ+ creators and other videos.

     But the question is, why did youtube let those ads get to the site anyways? And why are LGBTQ+ creators getting demonetized? We still don’t know, as youtube hasnt spoken to it yet. But hopefully soon they will share their side of the story on these issues. Youtube has not yet addressed this problem, or tried to fix the ‘bots’ responsible for these demonetizations, but hopefully this problem will be fixed soon.

Here are two of the most popular ads:

Videos of the creators addressing  the problem:

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