Soles4Souls Shoe Drive

Shoe drive representatives Katie Own (11) and Trina Bernal (12) pose next to Soles4Souls shoe box in Counseling Room. Credit: Staff

By: Staff

    Soles4Souls is a major shoe charity that donates shoes and offers education opportunities to struggling families in areas as far as Kenya, Nepal, and Haiti. As of today, Soles4Souls distributed more than 22 million pairs of shoes in 127 countries. The non-profit organization is based in Nashville, Tennessee, but multiple groups of people around the world help out the cause. Soles4Souls’ vision is “disrupting the cycle of poverty,” by giving the underprivileged families a chance to thrive. Shoes are donated, and in turn, will be shipped out to areas that are in dire need of footwear. So, do not forget to bring extra shoes you have around the house to the shoe drive boxes at the front lobby and the counseling office.

    The knowledge of this cause wouldn’t have been possible without Vanden High School student, Keoni Yonamine (12), who originally had the idea freshman year. “I had heard about can drives or coat drives but never a shoe drive,” Keoni muses. He also adds that old shoes in his house accumulate and took up unnecessary space, so why not start a shoe drive? Junior year Keoni finally cemented the idea into his school spring term, where his school and family and friends donated a total of 426 shoes to Vacaville Opportunity House, which aids homeless and indigent people in the Solano County area.

    This fall semester, Keoni extended the Soles4Souls shoe drive to Fairfield High’s Key Club Officers Natalie and Justin Acousta, Vacaville’s cross country and track team members Gabriella Onella, Ella and Avery Bernard, and our very own Key Club in Benicia High.

    Donations started Monday, October 1, 2018 and end Friday, November 9, 2018. Shoe boxes can be located in the front office lobby and the counseling office. To be updated on this amazing cause, text @vandensh to 810-10 and/or talk to BHS shoe drive representatives, Key Club officers Katie Own (11) and Trina Bernal (12.)

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