First-Time Debaters Win First Competition

By Justine Haarberg

On Saturday October 6th, four first time debaters competed in Benicia’s first debate competition of the season. Due to the SAT, only two teams could participate.

Although it was their first-time, both of Benicia’s teams won. Juniors Emily Boe and Charlotte Austria won all three rounds, and freshman Gabby Barangan and Aimee Han won two out of three rounds.

The competition was held at Lowell High School in San Francisco. There were 19 schools competing and about 130 entries of either partnerships or singles entries depending on the format/ type of debate. Partners Gabby Barangan and Aimee Han debated against three different schools- Bishop O’Dawd, Quarry Lane, and Albany.

There were three different topics for the three different debate formats. Barangan and Han debated “should the United States accede to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea without reservations?” The Lincoln Douglas topic was “in the United States, should reporters have the right to protect the identity of confidential sources?” Finally, the Policy debate topic was “should the United States federal government substantially reduce its restriction on legal immigration to the United States?”

Last year, as the debate team consisted of only juniors and seniors, it is remarkable to have a team with only freshman on it this year. Special thanks to BHS teacher Michelle Gaines, her husband, and alumni Timmy Knox for their dedication and hard work put in to prepare the students.

Congratulations to Emily Boe, Charlotte Austria, Gabby Barangan, and Aimee Han. We look forward to the competitions to come.


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