Three College Essay Tips


By Sydney Lewis

Senior year is a mixture of AP classes, after school activities, sports, and jobs, but another objective involved in the senior year is college applications. There are many  things that must be done to complete the applications. There is the standard ACT or SAT test, and high school transcript, but there are some schools that require a letter recommendation from a teacher and a personal essay. The personal essay is the essay that is shown to the colleges that expresses who you are and what you can bring to their college. In the college application, one of the many ways to be accepted, is the essay. Here are some tips to make a great essay and better your chances in getting into to college.

    The first tip with college essays are to write about what matters to you. There are many different types of essay prompts that are given out. Examples such as creativity, favorite subject, leadership, etc. With all these options, it could be overwhelming, so the first thing to do is think about which subject matters to you. A person who’s never had the experience to lead anything would have a difficult time creating an essay about leadership.

    The second tip would be to not rely on the thesaurus. When writing essays, one of the problems that can occur is wanting to sound so intelligent to colleges, adding big words will confuse you the writer and won’t help get your message across. When colleges read this essay, they are imaging what kind of person you are and adding big suffocated words would just drown the image that you want to display. When writing the essay use language that you understand and develop upon and show who you are.

    The third and final tip would be to get a second opinion on the essay. It is commonly known that you are your worst editor, so getting a second opinion catches the errors that your eyes glance over. The second editor could be anyone, a teacher, a parent, or even a friend, just having a fresh set of eyes gains a new perspective of things that has been written.

    With these three tips–doing essays that matter to you, not using the thesaurus often, and having another pair of eyes– will help you get a better grip on doing college essays.

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