Asia Argento On The Other Side Of The #MeToo Debate


Asia Argento flooded by reporters asking about the released allegations. 

By Tessa Osteen

    After several months of accusing high profiled producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual abuse, Asia Argento has now found herself on the other side of the #Metoo debate since recent revelations have come forward accusing her of sexual abuse. As a vocal sexual assault survivor, she has been a prominent figure in the #Metoo movement that took off late last year. Asia Argento was one of the first women during the wave of famous people coming forward to talk about the abuse hollywood executives were inflicting on actors for years. Jimmy Bennett, the actor who has accused Argento, was assaulted at 17, which is underaged in California. According to Bennett himself, Argento pressured him to have sexual relations with her years ago.

    One of the #Metoo movement leaders Tarana Burke, said on Twitter how, “…Sexual violence is about power and privilege. That doesn’t change if the perpetrator is your favorite actress, activist or professor of any gender. And we won’t shift the culture unless we get serious about shifting these false narratives.”  Another prominent #Metoo member Rose Mcgowan also said on twitter how she “… got to know Asia Argento ten months ago. Our commonality is the shared pain of being assaulted by Harvey Weinstein. My Heart is broken. I will continue my work on behalf of victims everywhere.” After revelations were out, Rose is now distancing herself from Asia as is many #MeToo movement followers who were once on Argento’s side.

    Argento allegedly paid Bennett up to $380,000 dollars as hush money to stay quiet. At first denying the allegations, there’s too much evidence pointing to her being at fault. With pictures of them together and questionable instagrams of them, suggests another kind of relationship was under wraps. Asia Argento being hit with allegations, was also hit with the news that she would be fired off the X factor Italy for her unfortunate actions towards Bennett.

    The two first met on the set of the movie,  The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things in 2004 and throughout the years have since then kept in touch. While Argento was 37 and Bennett 17, they met up at a hotel room in California which then resulted in alcohol consumption and sexual assault. Bennett’s attorney sent a notice of intent to sue which says how “his feelings about that day were brought to the forefront recently when Ms. Argento took the spotlight as one of the many victims of Harvey Weinstein.” Bennett like a lot of sexual assault survivors, went through emotional damage after seeing his abuser plastered all over the media late last year. Argento now alleges that Jimmy Bennett attacked/ sexually assaulted her as well. Both parties have since then filed police reports and are potentially going to court to settle things out.



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