Benicia Resident Could Face Life In Prison For Sexual Assault Charges

The NorCal rapist resided in the Bay Area.

By Tessa Osteen

    The NorCal rapist, otherwise known by some as Roy Charles Waller, was arrested at his work on the morning of September 20th for 12 counts of forcible sexual assault. If Waller is convicted of these horrendous crimes he could very much spend the rest of his life behind bars. Sacramento police Det. Avis Berry said how he’s “…been waiting a really long time for this day to come.” The crimes, ending around 2006, can be traced back when he started assaulting women in the early nineties. With a total of around 11 victims, the assaults began in Rohnert park spanning through many counties such as Sonoma, Solano, Yolo, Contra Costa, Sacramento and Butte.

    Like the Golden State Killer, Waller’s DNA found from multiple crime scenes, was identified through the website GEDmatch. The Sacramento district attorney pointed out at the news conference how, “The answer has always been in the DNA.” And in this case she was exactly right. Arrested at UC Berkeley where he was employed, Waller worked for the Environmental health and Safety Department. The school doesn’t believe any of the assaults took place there while he was employed there for over twenty five years but are looking into open sexual assault cases from the past. A letter to the students on the campus points out how “…none of the crimes he is alleged to have commited took place near campus but this is nonetheless deeply unsettling.”

    Sacramento Detective Avis Berry said at the news conference how the rapist would break into the home of his victims, overpower them and later on ransack the victims house. One of his victims, still living in Northern California, said on NBC’s affiliate KCRA how she’s “…been waiting for so very long, and so it doesn’t feel quite real yet.” Also going on how she felt she, “…wasn’t going to make it out alive” during the attack. Making his first court appearance on September 24th, one of his victims, Rosalyn Anderson, sat two rows behind him during the appearance after almost two decades have past since she was sexually assaulted by him in her Chico apartment. The crime took place when she was a young twenty one year old college student alone one night in 1997. The rapist tried to clean up after the crime but luckily for investigators, left behind a pillowcase with his blood and dna all over it. Rosalyn Anderson said how “he needs to be locked up until he learns what it is to be human.”

    A Benicia resident who lived next door to the suspected rapist said how, “[They] walk around here all the time, in the nighttime, and in the daytime, and you never feel a threat, you never have that energy of feeling threatened in any way.” Living in a seemingly suburban neighborhood with a white picket fence and manicured lawns, neighbors recall him doing normal things like mowing the grass or trimming his trees. The next time he appears in front of a court is on October 30th and if convicted of these crimes, he would spend a lifetime in prison. Detective Berry proudly said after announcing Waller’s arrest how, “There is one less dangerous predator on our streets this morning.”    


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