Roman Catholic Abuse Scandal


The Catholic Church has a long history with sexual abuse.

By Lexi Lago

People attend church for worship and safe haven but what if this “sanctuary” was actually a place to fear and dismay? The people are faithful followers but they don’t know who they’re following. Who would have thought that men who you go to confess your sins actually have committed an even more appalling sin themselves.

This week in Pennsylvania 300 catholic priests have been accused of sexually abusing 1,000 innocent children. The amount of victims and priests are growing. This isn’t the first time this has occurred it first became known in the early 2000s and has been addressed and dismissed. This same situation has arose in the present and is even worse. CNN quotes that “This is like 2002 on steroids.”

The “predator priests” and bishops have sexually abused sisters, nuns, altar boys and children. Church followers said they “fear raising their children in the church.”. The church leaders are outraged and demand that the bishops to be punished for once. A report listed the names of the bishops and priests and they all have escaped their punishment by resigning or retiring early.

It is sad to think that a place whose sole base is to teach about God and Jesus has such a disturbing scandal. There are 1.2 billion catholic followers and it’s sad to think the men who they’re following are “false prophets” and do not actually care about the well being of the people. This is said to be a “moral catastrophe” and it is wrong that men, who’re supposedly preaching about the goodness of Jesus, are abusing the congregation. Instead of bringing in people to be saved they lost them and now they’re protesting against the church.

The people shouldn’t put so much trust in the men, who are doing wrong in the backgrounds and hurting the church. They are going against all that the church stands for. Followers of the church believe all the men who sexually abused children and anyone else should be accounted for their actions and be put away.


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