Local College Tour: Great Schools in our Backyard

Credit: Solano Community Photo Department

By: Hannah Jones

The College and Career Center is back at it again with another amazing event. On Tuesday, October 23, about forty-five students headed off campus for a field trip to tour UC Davis and Solano Community College. At UC Davis, we were given a full college tour of the campus and information about the surrounding areas. We learned that UC Davis started out as the agriculture satellite school for UC Berkeley and eventually grew big enough to be its own university. The town of Davis actually grew around the UC making it an amazing college town. The thing that stood out most about the campus was the bikes. Everyone was either riding a bike, walking a bike, or walking to get their bike. During the passing period on campus we learned that bicycles have the right away over pedestrians and we almost got ran over a couple times. During the lunch break we had a chance to check out the campus’ eateries. They have little mini marts were you can get anything from deli subs to milkshakes made by a machine. They also have many different coffee shops around campus ranging from your regular cup of jo to organic coffee. The campus was very calm and quirky and had hammocks, eggheads and even had a bicycle repair station. UC Davis is the best mix between small city and big campus that I have seen. Even though 35,186 students attend UC Davis , the 5300 acres campus makes up for it.

After hopping back on the bus and taking a drive back into Solano County, we stopped by Solano Community College to check out a couple of the programs they have to offer. We were split into a couple groups and got to check out their programs. In the brand new MakerSpace we got to look at all of the 3D printers, laser cutters and other really cool tools they use during the class. They gave us 3D printed screws that had interchangeable parts. We got to watch the laser machines cut out pieces of a box and then had a little fun trying to put them together. If you want to check out some their programs, they offer 1 unit classes throughout the year so you can explore your creative side and get college credits.

In the photography center we had a blast. We started out in the studio where we got our pictures taken. We got to try out multiple poses and different types of pictures. The photographers were experimenting with motion pictures in which they would lay two pictures over each other to show the movement. The more we got into it the more fun we had. After the studio they talked to us about the importance of photography and urged us to at least take photography 101 in college so that we can have a more creative eyes and just take better pictures in our everyday lives. The other two stations were welding and the machinery part of the MakerSpace. At one station we got to use soldering irons to create our own mini robots that light up. We learned how to use the soldering irons and how to make it so that the lights lit up. In the other station, the guide talked about the different types of classes that they offer on welding and how easy it would be to get a job after going through the program.

The field trip was an overall success and it was a real eye opener to what colleges near Benicia have to offer. Don’t believe me? See for yourself. To learn more about UC Davis tours visit,  visit.ucdavis.edu. To learn more about the opportunities available at Solano Community College visit, www.solano.edu. Be on the lookout for more great events in the College and Career Center.

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