The Health Concerns of Hair Dye

By Sydney Lewis


  In the world today, one of the most popular trends is hair-dyeing. The process of dyeing hair isn’t limited to just to the regular blondes and different shades of brown; there are a range of different colors to choose from. There’s red for the fierce and bold type, blue, both light and dark, for a whimsical feel to an everyday ensemble, or even a rainbow for those who wants to do something crazy and new. With the hype and attention that dyed hair is receiving, the true side effects of this look are overlooked.

     Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD, stated on the Sharecare website that “artificial coloring on your hair, whether you’re bleaching it or coloring it, is the equivalent of artificial coloring in food – it may make it look as pretty as can be, but it’s not always the healthiest thing you can do to your head.” There are four different chemicals that can lead to health concern: P-phenylenediamine, linked to skin sentazingtion and cancer, Lead Acetate, linked to neurotoxicity, Resorcinol, linked to organ system toxicity and hormone disruption, and Toluene, linked to liver damage, kidney damage, birth defects, and pregnancy loss.

    Hair dye can also can cause immediate effects to skin in your scalp. With contact with skin, it can cause irritation including redness, sores, itching, and burning. Occasionally, allergic reactions occur and involve swelling of the face and neck that causes difficulty breathing.

    Hair dye also strips the natural color of your hair. On the Poison Control website an article, Concern about Hair Dye, stated that “permanent hair dye also cause chemical changes that increase the penetration of the product into the hair, bleach the natural melanin, and create color molecules that get trapped inside the shaft. These types of chemicals damage your hair.”

   Even though the benefits of having dyed hair may be a new look or emphasize a certain aspect of your hair, there are problems embedded in them. The hair dyes can cause irritation, unhealthy hair follicles, or even lead to cancer. Is a new look worth it?


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