Hurricane Michael Tears Florida’s Panhandle


The aftermath.

By Erick Sandoval

Hurricane Michael is the most recent natural disaster to hit Florida. The storm hit around a small town located in the center of Florida’s panhandle. Michael also reached surrounding such as Parkland and Panama City. The Sunshine State suffered another 4 billion dollars in damage. Hurricanes have hit our country hard in the last 2 years.


As of right now, 35 people have been reported missing and 17 are reported to have died. The whole city, located on Florida’s coast, has been wiped out. As residents pick up the pieces and teams search through rubble for survivors, authorities said it would be weeks or months before Mexico Beach returns to normalcy.


“For the last couple of days I’ve been walking down the streets, going from house to house,” Senior Pastor Steven Kyle told CNN. “And one of the first things that everybody has said is, ‘Are we going to have church? Can we have church?”


“They just wanted the community,” he said. Like Hurricane Irma hit Florida a year ago, Michael was no different.

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