Can Shootings be Prevented?

Shootings be Prevented

By Natalie Lisenko

     Shootings are becoming more common everyday. In this shooting there was only three killed, which is considered a low amount these days. According to this shooting happened on September 6th at around 9 a.m. the shooter is a 29- year-old male who the cops shot many times, he eventually died shortly after. He had killed three people in an office building.

     His family had known about his absurd attitude. They are trying to get help and to get him into a mental health facility instead of put into jail due to his violent and mentally ill behavior. Which makes me wonder, did it really take him shooting up an office building to realize he needed that?

     There have been many shootings that are said to have been because of the shooters mental illness, but shouldn’t their family know about said mental illness. It really makes me wonder why no one does anything about it prior to the shooting.

     I know no family member will be able to see a shooting coming, but before that even is a thought in their child’s head why not get them some help? Or do something to make them feel better and normal again.

     Another thing that could prevent school shootings is, if you see someone make a “joke” about it, REPORT IT! I have heard of many shootings where the “shooter” either posts their activity or talks about it during school.

     According to the LA Times, “at least 59% of the 185 public mass shootings that took place in the United States from 1900 through 2017 were carried out by people who had either been diagnosed with a mental disorder or demonstrated signs of serious mental illness prior to the attack.”

     It’s a sad, but definitely preventable case. Shootings that have to do with mental illnesses, and were posted on the internet or talked about earlier that day/week, could definitely be prevented and taken care of. If only the world would take that more seriously.

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