Malcolm Miller (1992-2018)

Mac Miller RIP

The Death of Mac Miller

By Natalie Lisenko

On September 7th, the music world lost an amazing artist. He was powerful and loved by many. The way we lost Mac Miller is awful, but these days, not uncommon. He died of a drug overdose, many know he had an addiction to drugs that he hadn’t really tried to change. His former girlfriend, Ariana Grande, had ended their relationship because of said addiction. Having to go through that with someone dealing with addiction is very difficult and while most don’t blame her for his death, many do believe it is her fault.

There is a controversy (mostly on twitter) of people believing that Ariana had nothing to do with it. As shown on Hip Hop DX, it is obvious that many people felt as though she had actually killed him, but there are many others defending her and bringing up what a tough couple of years she has been through. In my opinion, I feel like she tried to help him and change him for the better but simply could not get through to him, since he wouldn’t change for her, she had to leave him to save herself from more heartache.

Being with someone who mentally hurts you is the hardest to go through, when you love that person and want the best for them but can’t get them to better themselves. According to, the couple was together for nearly two years.

Apart from all this, no one knows the real reason he chose to overdose, or if he even meant to. Malcolm Miller was an important figure in music, and losing such an important figure upsets people and causes them to assign blame, even in places that aren’t deserving of the blame.

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