Trump Disrespects a Woman… Again.

Trump Showing Disrespect

By Natalie Lisenko

     Our president is… unique. He makes many questionable decisions and says many disrespectful and absurd things, but this is just plain rude.

     On Tuesday, Donald Trump called Stephanie Clifford “horseface,” this isn’t the first time he has called woman names. At this point, it’s shocking to me that he still has female supporters.

     Some examples are, Trump commented on Hillary Clinton simply walking in front of him and says “I wasn’t impressed.” If that’s not sick enough there are many more, he once called the former white house aide, Omarosa Manigault Newman, a “crazed, crying lowlife” and a “dog.” He even called out Cher and said “stop with the bad plastic surgery.”

     The way Donald Trump degrades women and belittles the is astonishing to me.  He targets woman with his words and sometimes actions when they don’t support him or speak their opinion on him. He makes me sick, with the way he talks about woman in such a negative way and gets away with it completely. To have someone in such a high position speaking down on women like this is absurd. It’s sad to think that our leader is so arrogant and disgusting.

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