We Are Good Enough


It’s important to remind yourself that you are beautiful because you are and you deserve to believe it. 

     Have you ever watched a movie where a girl is a main character and the whole time she wants the popular guy, but feels like she isn’t good enough? Why are guys always perceived as confident and girls are shown as self conscious and they always believe they are not good enough? They feel the need to prove themselves because  they think they aren’t good enough on their own. Girls should be shown as strong, confident people because that’s what we are. It took years for a Woman to become the lead in a movie or a T.V. show, so why can’t we be shown without needing someone. I mean sure the romance is the luring part, but what about a guy wanting a girl and he thinks she’s beautiful and she knows she is too. She’s not to cocky, just confident.

     Movies are a main component playing into low-self esteem. They judge the girls who aren’t skinny like the models and they have her feel insecure and that they don’t find themselves beautiful.  Confidence isn’t shown in movies most of the time, so how can we expect it to be shown in our lives if this is what we are watching? Feeling confident is hard enough being a teenager and trying to figure who we are let alone having movies telling you, you aren’t good enough.

     Now, in magazines if you aren’t skinny like “normal models”, then you are considered a “plus size model.” How is that right? Why is it okay to judge people based on their body and demeaning them because you think they aren’t how they should be or they aren’t “normal”. Our societies standards hurt others and it makes them feel not worthy and not good enough. We are all perfect in different ways. Our world would be boring if we were all copies of each other. Our differences make us unique and special. We all deserve to feel confident in what makes us different. We all have things we don’t like about ourselves, but that’s okay. But, don’t ever think for a second you aren’t beautiful or you aren’t good enough because you are always enough.

     Movies and books are making progress in having women main characters, but they tend to have low self esteem and feel like they need a guy to feel good about themselves. Not only do we see this in movies and books, we also see it in everyday life. Being a teenager is hard, we are trying to figure out who we are and who we want to be. We compare ourselves to people around us and wish we looked more like others. We need to believe in ourselves. Comparing is what hurts us the most. You are more than enough. You are uniquely perfect.

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