Lack of Opportunities For Women

How Fast Does Jennie Finch Pitch?

Jennie Finch pitching for team USA.

By Emma Goularte

The first version of the Olympic games started in Greece in 776 bc through 393 ad. In 1900, women were allowed to compete, but  only in 22 women out of the 997 athletes competed in the five sports. It was a slow progress getting the right for women to participate in the same sports there were for men. In 1928, women were finally able to participate in athletics and gymnastics; bringing women’s’ participation up to 10 percent. Participation by women has increased since 1900.  In this coming 2020 winter Olympic games, 33 sports scheduled to be played. Softball is being added once again. In 2012, softball was taken out of the Olympics along with baseball. Women have different opportunities in athletics compared to men. Men have professional sports like the MLB, NFL, NBA, etc., while women have things similar, but they don’t get paid nearly as much. Men get paid millions of dollars to play a sport they love. However, Women only make thousands of dollars, and most of the time that can’t be their only job. Men have a lot more opportunities to play the sports they grew up playing and fell in love with.

How is that fair? Women deserve the same opportunities in athletics because there may be professional sports for women, but they don’t get paid the same, and they don’t get the publicity as male athletes. They aren’t on ESPEN on a daily basis. Women have worked hard to play the sports they love, so why can’t it be equal? Women deserve the same opportunities. We shouldn’t lose opportunities because we are women.

Over time women have worked hard to get the same opportunities as men in multiple aspects such as jobs, and clear stereotypes. For a long time women were expected to take care of the children while men worked. Over the centuries, it has changed and women work but they aren’t accepted in all work environments. There are still jobs and sports that are still considered “for men.”

In order for things to change people need to be more accepting and more open minded. It’s hard for people to change and some people don’t adjust well to change, they want things to always stay the same. Change needs to occur in order for progress to happen, we can’t keep excluding people based on gender because that create even more problems. Everyone deserves equal opportunities despite their gender.

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