BHS Boys Varsity Soccer Endure Tough 0-3 Loss at Northgate

By: Mikayla Carter

On Friday, January 26th, the BHS Varsity Boys Soccer team lost against Northgate High 0-3. Benicia had good defense in the first half holding the Broncos to 1 goal. But with a strong offense from Northgate they were able to secure the win with 2 more goals in the last 15 minutes of the game.

Benjamin Ryujin, who plays midfield, explains how his team prepares for a team like Northgate saying “We did our routine warm-up like usual, but we didn’t have enough time to practice shooting in the net.” He continues “I think the midfield definitely underperformed in the game; we should’ve been able to possess the ball more often but we just couldn’t.”

Joseph Reider, goalie, says the most difficult part of the game was holding onto the ball and communication, “…we weren’t talking and after they scored the first goal the momentum shifted, we got really frustrated and started arguing with the other team.”

Coach Armondo believes the team could have improved on their awareness on the field, “Sometimes they switch off for about five minutes at a time when they aren’t as into the game, and that’s when mistakes are made and when we get scored on.” What he loves most about his team is their determination. “Even though we battle injuries, and sometimes the results aren’t our way they continue to fight for me and themselves and don’t give up.”

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