Benicia High vs. College Park Boys’ Soccer Game Gallery

Japanese exchange student Kayta (12) anticipates a pass from teammate.
Varsity Captain Kobe Tooch (12) dribbles the ball past his opponent.
Mason Donabedian (11) thinks about his next pass as he keeps the ball away from opponent.
Kayta (12) (right) gets the ball away from College Park and
Riley Leong (9) (left) takes off towards the goal.
Mason Donabedian (11) clears the ball down the field.
Nathan Henning (11) takes the ball down the line.
Varsity Captain Kobe Tooch (12) keeps the ball away from opponent.
Varsity Captain Evan Leong (12) (left) and Benjamin Godin (12) (right) capture the ball from rival.
Tarrick Sanders (12) keeps the ball away from a defender.
Varsity Captain Evan Leong (12) sprints with the ball towards the goal with Benjamin Godin (right) ready for a pass.
Richard Netro (11) keeps the ball in bounds.
Nathan Henning (11) prepares to pass the ball towards his teammate.
Belgian exchange student Benjamin Godin (12) steals the ball from opponent.
Benji Ryujin (11) and Benjamin Godin (12) collide with College Park forward.
Benji Ryujin (11) creates an opening between College Park defenders to score.
Kobe Tooch (12) makes a break towards the goal.

Photos by Justine Haarberg

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