Super Bowl LIII Recap

Mercedes-Benz Stadium minutes before the start of Super Bowl LIII

Super Bowl LIII took place this past Sunday night on February 3rd. The matchup was between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. This was the Patriots third consecutive Super Bowl appearance and their ninth since Tom Brady had been drafted into the NFL.

Entering the game, the New England Patriots were the favorable team to win against the very young Rams team. Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, 41 years of age, is older than the Rams’ 33 year old head coach, Sean McVay, showing just how much of an upper hand the Patriots had when it came to experience in this game.

Unlike last Super Bowl between the Patriots and Eagles –which was a heavy shootout ending in a final score of 41-33– this game was slow and very boring for most viewers. Both defenses played very well which means that there wasn’t much scoring going on. No points were put on the board until 5 minutes into the second quarter and that was a field goal by the Patriots’ kicker, Stephen Gostkowski. None followed that until just 2 minutes left in the third with a field goal by the other team’s kicker, Greg Zuerlein.

The first and only touchdown came from the Patriots’ running back, Sony Michel, and following that came an interception by the Patriots, one more field goal for them, and finally a last defensive stop ending in a missed field goal attempt by Greg Zuerlein. The final score of the game was 13-3.

Many labeled Super Bowl LIII as the worst Super Bowl to date from it being the lowest scoring Super Bowl game to date, to the dismal and disappointing halftime performance, and some just because the Patriots won again. Those who do however, have a reason to, as the Los Angeles Rams, who had the number one scoring offense in the NFL during the regular season, did not even reach the redzone, and possibly the most interesting play of the night was the 65 yard punt by Rams’ punter, Johnny Hekker, which did break the record for the longest punt in the Super Bowl history.

After the game, Ram’s coach, Sean McVay told the press, “No other way to say it, but I got outcoached tonight.” This time, the experienced team won but with such a young squad, you can expect to see the Rams consistently being Super Bowl contenders in years to come.

Sean McVay shaking Bill Belichick’s hand before the Super Bowl LIII

Ultimately, Super Bowl LIII left the crowd disappointed and bored and continued to display the dominant power of the New England Patriots, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick dynasty.

By Jett Walker

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