Remembering Steve Irwin

By Colby Nicholson

Steve Irwin’s life ended in 2006 when he was impaled through the chest by a stingray. Today, he would have been 57. Known around the world for his hit TV show Crocodile Hunter where Irwin’s atics never failed to excite young minds. Often seen with his wife and co-host, Terri, Crocodile Hunter depicted Irwin’s many close and dangerous encounters with animals of the Australian Outback, the Oceans, or the plains of Africa. While Irwin was criticized for crazy stunts like feeding crocodiles with his baby son in his arms or filming too close to whales and penguins, his mission remained true.

Australian native, Irwin, once said, “My job, my mission, the reason I’ve been put onto this planet, is to save wildlife.” Irwin was an active advocate for animals around the world, attempting to bring to life the negative effects our actions have on the environment and the other residents of our planet. Through his TV show and his occasional “crikey” he was able to instill a love of the Earth in a whole generation of kids around the world.

Irwins actions go beyond the reach of his TV show. His charity Wildlife Warriors has bought up hundreds of square miles around the world for wildlife conservation. His charity still operates and currently works towards conservation efforts of Sumatran Tigers, Koalas, and Cambodian Elephants. His family owns and operates a zoo in Queensland that also controls a 500 square mile wildlife reserve nearby, named after the superstar.

If Irwin was alive I’m sure he’d be disappointed at our continued ignorance to the state of our environment. Its continued decline and the decline it creates in our planet’s biodiversity is something Irwin dedicated his life to stop. As a species, we must get it together for the sake of our fellow Earth dwellers, and our own longevity.

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