Girl Scouts Are Moving Into The Future With Online Cookie Store

An assortment of cookies Girl Scouts offer.


It is Girl Scout Cookie season and these are only one week left to stock up on your favorites. It is now easier than ever to get Girl Scout Cookies. This year, the Girl Scout have come up with a cookie app so that they can now accept credit cards at booth sales. Not everyone has access to this feature but more girls than ever are using technology to grow their businesses. You can also buy cookies online and have them sent directly to your door. You don’t even need to leave your house to get Girl Scout cookies, or track down a girl to buy them from. All you have to do is go to the website linked below and order away like any other online store. This site also makes it easier to ship cookies across the country. It cost $14.25 to have an entire case of cookies anywhere in the country compared to the $19.95 it would cost you to ship it using the US Postal Service.

Buy Cookies Now!!

The six original flavors are $5 a box and are fairly easy to buy from your neighborhood Girl Scout or troops. However, the 2 specialty cookies are a little harder to get your hands on so I suggest that if you would like the ‘S’more’ or the ‘Toffee Tastic’, that you buy them through the online cookie store.

Ever wonder where your money is actually going when you buy girl scout cookies? Well 30% of the proceeds go to actually making the cookies but the other 70% goes directly to the council that sold them. If you want to bypass these percentages and give 100% to your local girls then donations are always welcome, the Girl Scouts however, cannot ask for donations

Remember that the sale ends March 3, 2019 so get your cookies sooner rather than later. Underneath you can find a description of all the cookies to choose from if you have forgotten. Enjoy your cookie season by supporting a local girls today. Thank you for supporting Girl Scouts.

Thin mints: The most popular of all of the Girl Scout Cookies is a crunchy chocolate mint cookie covered in dark chocolate. These cookies are vegan and have about 32 cookies per box. PRO TIP: Put the cookies in the freezer. It makes them taste like a thin mint ice cream.

Samoas: These cookies are second best only to the Thin Mint. This cookie sports a crunchy cookie with gooey caramel, toasted coconut, and creamy dark chocolate. These cookies are addictive and come with 14 cookies in each box.   

Tagalong: These fan favorite is like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup with a crunchy cookie in the middle. Anyone who loves a chocolate/ peanut butter combo is sure to love these cookies. These come 14 in a box and are sure to satisfy your cookie cravings.  

Savannah Smiles: This crunchy lemon cookie dusted in powdered sugar is a delicious treat for anyone who likes a fruitier cookie. Sadly, 2019 is the last year that Girl Scouts will be selling these cookies so you better stock up now if these are your favorites. If you have never tried them, make sure to do so before it’s too late. They have 25 cookies in a box and are a perfect snack to share.

Trefoil: This Girl Scout classic is a shortbread cookie in the shape of the Girl Scout Trefoil symbol. This is the original Girl Scout cookie and with 40 cookies in the box it is definitely the best bang for your buck.

DoSiDos: My favorite cookie is a peanut butter sandwich cookie with two crispy oatmeal cookies filled with creamy peanut butter. If you love peanut butter, you will love DoSiDos. These come with 18 cookies in a box and are simply the best cookie to eat with milk.

S’mores: This cookie is the newest addition to the Girl Scout Cookie gang and were made to celebrate the 100th year of cookie sales. This sandwich cookie is two gram cracker cookies filled with creamy marshmallow and chocolate filling. This cookie is a specialty cookie so it is $6 a box and comes with 16 cookies in a package.

Toffee-tastic: This cookie is Gluten Free!! It is a crisp butter cookie filled with toffee bits. It has a very strong toffee taste that anyone will enjoy. This is also a specialty cookie and has a very limited supply. It comes with 14 cookies in a box and is great treat for anyone who eats gluten free.

Care to Share: If you don’t particularly love cookies or if you are just in a giving mood, you also have the option to donate Girl Scout cookies. The money collected through this program not only goes to the girls overall cookies sold but is also donating cookies to local food banks a soldiers across the country. Put a smile on a stranger’s face by donating cookies today.

Thank you for supporting Girl Scouts. Feel free to buy cookies at this link up until March 3rd.

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