Newly Elected Tennessee Representative Believes in a Vaccine-Autism Coverup

Mark E. Green made the comments at a local town hall meeting.


Mark E. Green, previously a physician for the Air Force and received a Bronze Medal for his contributions, is officially Tennessee’s next Congressman for the 7th congressional district. In the

Republican party, his stance focuses on a form of self-government but more specifically a smaller federal government, fixing the nation’s debt, the right to bear arms and building the wall.  

Recently, he is making headlines for his controversial comments about vaccines. From a town hall meeting, he said he will “stand on the CDC’s desk and get the real data on vaccines” because he feels, “there is [a] concern that the rise in autism is the result of the preservatives that are in our vaccines.” His comments have especially shocked the public as he previously worked as an emergency physician for many years, but he still encouraged people to vaccinate their children but to be wary about his possible theory about the connections with autism. Saying the data released by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention maybe “fradently managed.”

The rumor about the connections between vaccines and autism began with Dr. Andrew Wakefield who wrote a disproved research paper. Since then, and although the rumors have been rumored numerous times, the idea has been moving around the internet creating many groups against vaccines in one way or another.  Eugene Gu, MD commented, “As an anti-vaxxer medical doctor, [Green is] vowing to do more harm—endangering both his patients and constituents.”

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