Badminton Starts Season With 17-0 Win

By Benicia Paw

Benicia High Badminton not only joined a new league this year, but the team also became co-ed. With the biggest badminton team in BHS history with 46 members, this season was expected to be unlike any other season the team has had. The team also welcomed “four-time varsity letter earner, two-time all-SCAC athlete, and senior captain to the most successful badminton team in SCAC history” Megan Cillo as the first official assistant coach.

After about a month of practicing, the team anticipated their first game in Stockton. On Tuesday, March 5th, the team set off on an hour plus drive to Stockton, where they would play Franklin High School.

The Panthers arrived in their all black uniforms and began their warm-ups as Franklin students observed from the side of the gym. Both teams then sat down for introductions, and the Panthers cheered for each singles player and doubles team as they were announced.

The players admitted to being nervous as their coach warned them about the experienced team they were about the play.  “It was hard to know what to expect for my first game” said Senior Jacob Hoenig. With more than half of the team being first-year players, the Panthers tried to hide their nerves as they played their first match.

If the team was nervous, it did not affect their game. The entire varsity walked away with a win, along with six of the seven JV teams, starting off their season with a 17-0 win.

It was a memorable night for Benicia High Badminton, with their new team dominating Franklin High with a 17-0 win.

Congratulations Panthers!


Varsity Girls Singles

  1. Jordan Villarreal (21-10, 21-9)
  2. Nicole Dittman (21-6, 21-10)
  3. Viva Traver (21-4, 21-2)
  4. Sarina Regis (21-2, 21-2)

Varsity Boys Singles

  1. Tristan Kao (21-8, 21-10)
  2. Aidan Sherry (21-18, 21-18)
  3. Rowan Hayward (21-15, 21-16)
  4. Evan Leong (21-4, 21-5)

Varsity Girls Doubles

  1. Justine Haarberg & Ashley Ko (21-8, 21-6)
  2. Avery Wilson & Miranda Core (21-8, 21-14)
  3. Ellysha Hendricks & Alyssa Marwick (21-12, 21-16)

Varsity Boys Doubles

  1. Jose Alvarez & Nial Johnson (21-16, 25-27, 21-14)
  2. Benji Ryujin & Mason Donabidian (21-5, 21-18)
  3. Nico Del Rio & Riley Bruins (21-18, 21-19)

Varsity Mixed Doubles

  1. Michael Munakash & Peyton Pederson (21-6, 21-6)
  2. Oliver Lavaredda & Angel Edpalina (21-8, 21-7)
  3. Eddy Wen & Chaena Aquino (21-19, 21-13)

Junior Varsity

  1. Jacob Hoenig & Katie Han (21-8, 21-8)
  2. Kate Manoukian & Marie Markus (21-10, 21-18)
  3. Greg Jaugan & Liliana Rubio (21-22, 9-21)
  4. Sienna Berdan & Alana Doi (21-5, 21-6)
  5. Alyssa Ballinger & Nicole Berlaza (21-13, 21-10)
  6. Alison Church & Raven Cuffee (25-23, 21-19)
  7. Brookelyn Boutain & Maylea Bernabe (21-16, 21-8)

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