EXO Love Shot Album

Sydney Lewis

    On December 13th, k-pop band, EXO, released their 5th repackaged album Love Shot. EXO is an eight member band, including Suho, Xiumin, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, D.O., Kai, and Sehun, that debuted in 2011. This December, EXO had given their fans, EXO-L, an early Christmas present.The Love Shot album includes 4 new songs, “Love Shot”, “Trauma”, “Wait” and “Love Shot” (Chinese Version). Each song has its own flare and feel to it.

    The first song is “Love Shot,” a mid-tempo, slick song that gets your body moving. The song explored the lack of love and trust between people and possible lovers. The music video was also released revealing their smooth dance moves. The music video had the concept of an abandoned garage before donning 80’s style suits in the mansions. They also carried plastic see through guns filled with liquid to represent the love shot. EXO also released the Chinese version in the repackaged album. The song had the same message and vibe as well.

    The second song is “Trauma”, a very spanish inspired melody. This song talked about not wanting to relive the past after the events that had occurred. But instead of the memories being forgotten, the memories stay there and haunts you. Even with the somewhat gloomy lyrics, the song itself is a party song that gets people on their feet.

    The final song is “Wait,” a slow song with a smooth and sleek feel to it. The song is about missing someone very deeply and waiting from them to one day come back to you. The song takes place in winter time before the snow is about to fall. The person waits as they remember the memories they had in the winter seasons and looked at all the pictures of both of them smiling. All they do now is wait for that someone to come back.

    The four new songs on EXO’s repackaged album are concentrated on the theme of love and heartbreak. The album is available on Apple Music and can be listened to on Youtube.

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