IKON New Single“I’m Okay”

IKON’S new single

By: Sydney Lewis

    On January 8th, South Korean seven member boy band iKon (consisting of B.I., Jay, Song, Bobby, DK, Ju-ne, and Chan) started off the new year with their new single “I’m OK” on its repackaged album, iKon New Kids Repackage ‘The New Kid.
    “I’m Okay” is a moderately quick mellow pop-rock song that incorporates piano melody, a simple drum beat, and bits of electronic sounds throughout the song. The song expressively portrays the sorrowful feelings that come with loneliness. The lyrics, written by members B.I., Bobby, and Kim Jong Won, has a sense of rawness and desperation of truly wanting to be alone. B.I. said in an article on YG Life, that “[he] received the idea from a person’s mindset of wanting to cry more when told, ‘don’t cry’ and feeling more unease when asked, ‘are you okay’”. The song builds on the scenario of people continuously trying to comfort someone even though they don’t want the help through the lyrics, “if you ever witness my tears, please walk past by me”.

   In an article on UPI, Bobby says that “the easy melody is the the strong point. It will earn empathy from the listeners with lyrics anyone [would of] experienced”, which it actually did. “I’m Okay” inspired other fans and even though who do not listen the group, to share their stories and experiences. Many mention personal stories, such as the death of a loved one and feeling overwhelmed by the constant question ‘are you okay?’ or ‘don’t cry’. One fan said that “this song [spreads] awareness to everyone, especially to those who suffer inside…. Thank you iKon.”

    “I’m Okay” is about being by yourself without the unwanted concern from others, or the continuously asked meaningless questions that don’t help. In the end, the song’s final message is that “I want to be alone so please leave me alone.”

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