Benicia High School Varsity Volleyball vs. Miramonte

The Benicia High Boys varsity team went up against Miramonte High School in last Thursday’s match. Benicia Panthers entered the game 2-1 and looked to keep a strong record.

BHS Panthers huddle up after a point

As the first set began, Miramonte took the lead early and continued to hold it. This stayed consistent all the way through the complete first set. Benicia looked as if their communication was not as strong as it needed to be and it showed with many missed hits and balls that were not touched on the Benicia side of the net. This dragged them down and ultimately led to the loss of the first set with the final score being 25-21.

Benicia knew they had to make adjustments in order to win the next set. However, the second set happened to turn out much like the first set. Miramonte had a large lead all throughout the set and eventually held a lead of 21-13. However, Benicia seemed to start making a little bit of a comeback bringing the score within four points. As strong as they looked, though, Miramonte was able to finally close out the set with the final score of 25-19.

Down 2 – 0 on sets, Benicia had to step up their game to stay alive and have a chance to bring it back. They came out with some different rotational players at certain positions to try to give Miramonte a different look, however, the Miramonte lead and momentum was to much to deal with for the Benicia Panthers. The game ended quick with a score of 25-11.

The BHS Varsity team huddles up with Coach Rory after the loss

BHS was able to learn many things from this disappointing loss and with that, they will be able to move forward into the season and become a stronger team. They stand at 2-2 on the season and look to improve it in the future.

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