Famous Actresses, Ceo’s And Wealthy Parents Charged In College Cheating Scandal

By Tessa Osteen

The parents paid a college prep organization to take the test for the students or correct the answers they got wrong.

    Among the dozens of wealthy parents currently being charged, Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman are just two of the most well known figures connected in the various crimes getting their kids into prestigious schools all around the country. The parents paid a college prep organization to take the test for the students or correct the answers they got wrong. Another thing the parents paid for, was to get the organization to bribe college coaches to admit college students into college as athletes, even if they don’t have the extraordinary athletic abilities. As a, “catalog of wealth and privilege” said by the US attorney for Massachusetts, Andrew Lelling. These fifty parents were able to use their wealth and privilege, to get their undeserving kids into top schools above middle class hard working students. Coaches from USC, Yale, Stanford, Wake Forest and many more schools are all involved in this case.

    The FBI investigation nicknamed operation “Varsity blues” has uncovered all the parents paying one singular coach named William Rick Singer in Newport beach, California. Andrew Lelling says how, “There can be no separate college admission for the wealthy, and I will add there will not be a separate criminal justice system either.” Of the more than fifty people charged so far, thrity-there were parents, nine were college coaches,  and the rest were test administrators. According to court documents the wealthy parents paid anywhere from fifteen thousand and seventy five thousand for someone take take the SAT’s in pace of their children. So far as this case is still developing, multiple college coaches, and one administrator were placed on administrative leave with one school making an investigation into these crimes.

    These criminal acts from the wealthy parents go back all the way to 2011 and just as recent as 2019. Among one of the more well known parents who facilitated the crimes, Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli, paid upwards to five hundred thousand dollars to pay for both of their daughters way into the prestigious USC as recruits to the crew team. Even though they both don’t participate in the crew team, it’s said William Rick Singer and the people who work for him would photoshop the students face onto other players to make it seem they play those sports. Paid almost up to twenty five million dollars to do this Singer pleaded guilty on Tuesday March 12th to racketeering a conspiracy, money laundering, and obstruction of justice.

So far none of the students involved in the crime have been charged, but may face charges in the upcoming future. The US attorney says how the parents were, “The prime movers of this fraud.” For many people this was a reminder how wealth and privilege can play a major role in steps to a great education they may not have deserved but only got because of the generational wealth they inherited.

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