Three Ways of Changing Up Instant Ramen

The different possibilities of Ramen.


There are many different types of instant meals out there, one of them being ramen. Ramen is a Japanese dish that consist of Chinese-style wheat noodles made in a meat or fish broth. A version of this Japanese cuisine is produced all over the world, instant ramen. Instant ramen is a precooked and dried noodle block, with all types of flavoring powder. It is popular dish among young people, mostly mentioned as being the meal for college students on a budget. With the continuous consumption of this meal there are various of ways to change it up. There are three ways of modifying instant ramen.

  1. Veggies Crunch

    In most instant ramen packages, there are two items that are used: the dried noodles and the season package.This leads to a one dimensional texture meal leaving no imagnition. By adding vegetables, such as carrots, onions, cabbage, or anything to ones likely, it gives a another texture to it. Instead of the constant chewing of soft noodles, adding vegetables give the crunch that instant ramen has been waiting for.

2. Spicy Things Up

    Who doesn’t like a spicy kick in their food sometimes? By adding heat, such as sriracha, tabasco sauce, jalapenos or chili flakes, it brings another layer of flavor. Most instant ramen taste like chicken, steak, or fish broth, but by incorporating the heat factor it elevates the whole experience. There are also instant ramen noodles that come with a somewhat spicy season pack with it. However to really get that heat that is specific for someone’s taste add it in yourself.

3. Authentic

    With the instant ramen packages, they are plain and simple, nothing to it. However that can change. One can go back to the origins of ramen cuisine, Japan. Doing common authentic ramen bowl normally consist of boiled eggs, pork, bean sprouts, and green onions. It embraces the culture of where it originated from and gives a fancy and taste zig to it.

    By adding vegetables, spicy components, and bring the authenticity to the instant ramen packages, brings it to another world. There are also many other different ways of changing up the normal routine of instant ramen. Such as baking the ramens as a crunchy layer on another dish, even making spaghetti out of it, or go all out and add peanut butter. With all these different choices, there are many opportunities to add personality to your next instant ramen feast.

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