Benicia Softball Starts their season

Bailey sample slides into home ending the game, with Jennifer McCue right excitedly watching.


Benicia Softball played on Tuesday the 19th, against Napa, and blew them out of the water with Bailey Sample leading the team with four hits. Sample had a single in the first inning, single in the second inning, a home run in the fourth, and another single in the fifth. Amanda Ajari started the high scoring game by hitting a double in first inning that scored two runs. Later, in the second inning six runs scored when Bailey McLaughlin, Bailey Sample, and Alicia Campbell all had RBIs (runs batted in).

Kate Gillum pitched an outstanding game only allowing six hits and one walk. She struck out three batters while pitching five innings. Kimmie Walston pitched a little over three innings for Napa, whom Benicia got eleven hits and nine runs off of.

Benicia ended the game with a total of eighteen hits including hits from Bailey Sample, Bailey McLaughlin, Alicia Campbell, Robynn Balmediano, and Jenna Baza.

Benicia played again on Thursday against College Park at home. The game was close, with lots of good plays and hits throughout the game including Alicia Campbell who hit another home run. Nyla Priestly was on the bases and she scored the second run of the game. The final score was 5 to 2, Benicia lost.

Something that really stands out about varsity is how well they work together. Some have been playing together for year, but some are new and they all act like they have been playing together for a lifetime. Softball is a sport that gives you more than you could ever ask for Not only are you playing a game that you love, but you get great friendships out of it that last a long time. At the senior signing, where the players sign for the colleges they are going to, Jennifer McCue, said to the three other girls beside her, “I wouldn’t want to be doing this with anyone else.”

Teams win and lose. Teams have skill, but you can’t teach team chemistry and they are lucky to have it.

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