Birthday Gifts

Sweets is one gift you could give.

By: Kennedy calise

Buying a gift doesn’t have to be a hassle. It can be pretty easy once it’s planned out. Buying gifts should be a little fun. There are many non-expensive or easy ways to create a gift for your friend or family’s birthday.


Candy is good for most holidays. Most treats are usually pretty cheap unless you buy something bigger. This can include candy, a box of chocolates, cookies, cupcakes or a cake. If you want you can make them homemade. You can put the treats in a small decorated baggie or put it with another gift you grabbed for your friend. I think it matters how much candy you buy. Most candy can be bought at the dollar store. Most candy isn’t expensive but some places make candy more expensive based on quantity.  


Crafts are really fun and easy to make. Crafts don’t have to be extremely big if you don’t want them to. This could be a homemade card, a decorated poster of their pictures with nice things written on it, a decorated basket filled with your gifts, jewelry, drawings, zines, homemade bath bomb or essential oil/perfume, or even clothing. Micheal’s usually has crafts but it can be pretty expensive depending on what you want.I recommend is either dollar tree or Amazon where you can buy most things with a pretty good price.  


If your friend enjoys a hobby, movie, book, makeup, a sport or anything, acknowledge that. Grab them a gift card to a store you think or know that person will enjoy. If you don’t know you can ask them or get them money/ card for a restaurant you know that they like. Buy them tickets to a concert, comic con, movie, festival or theme park, or a game if you feel like spending extra money. Take them out for a spa, dinner, beach or anywhere you think would be a great time for you to celebrate your birthday with them. Usually tickets aren’t really cheap but depending on the show/place, although if you look you can find pretty good prices. You can choose whatever price you want for gift cards.

Surprise Birthday party

Planning for a surprise party is a lot of fun to work out with. Give your friend a surprise birthday party. Plan out with their other friends and make sure it can work for everyone. Find the best and available location. Set up either a group chat or any other way to communicate for more information. Make sure the person you are throwing the party for is also available for your plans. Try your best to make sure the person doesn’t know what is coming. Make the location look nice with balloons, streamers, strobe light(if you have one), nicely decorated tables, bring some food. Most decorations are pretty cheap and so are ingredients.

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