BHS Badminton Beats Clayton Valley 17-0


Lots of friends and family come to watch the BHS v CVCHS badminton game.
Credit @pnthrbdmtn on Twitter

If you thought badminton was a quiet sport, then you would have been surprised at Benicia’s home game against Clayton Valley Charter High School (CVCHS) on Thursday, March 28th.

There was much anticipation for Thursday’s game against CVCHS due to an intense week of games. Benicia played Dublin Valley High on Tuesday and traveled to San Ramon the following Wednesday. After a loss against Dublin and a win against San Ramon, Benicia was eager for a win against CVCHS.

“Invite your friends and family” Coach Stephens told the team days in advance of Thursday’s game. Sure enough, the bleachers were the fullest they had ever been at the start of the game. Special thanks to all of the friends and family that came to support. Many graduates of BHS and former BHS Badminton players also came to the match to cheer for Benicia since they were off for spring break.

Captain Nicole Dittman announced the starting lineup, including

#1 girl’s singles Jordy Villarreal

#1 boy’s singles Aidan Sherry

#1 girl’s doubles Justine Haarberg and Ashley Ko

#1 mixed doubles Peyton Pederson and Michael Munakash

#2 girl’s singles Sarina Regis

#2 girl’s doubles Avery Wilson and Miranda Core

Clayton Valley forfeited their boy’s singles two through four due to not having enough players, giving Benicia a 3-0 lead.

There was lots of energy in the gym as there was lots of cheering from both teams and spectators, which was unusual since badminton is usually a “quiet” sport.

All 14 varsity singles and doubles teams defeated their opponents, resulting in a 17-0 win for Benicia High. After a big week with three games, it was rewarding to end the week with a solid win. The team currently sits at a 5-3 win to loss score for the season.

Special thanks to everyone who came out on Thursday to support the badminton team, and goodluck to the BHS Badminton Team for the rest of their season.

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