Benicia Badminton Senior Night Gallery

Names of the class of 2019 seniors
Badminton juniors smile for the camera as they cheer on their teammates.
Avery Wilson (12) and Miranda Core (12) reset after winning a point.
Jacob Hoenig (12) smashes the birdie, scoring a point for his doubles team.
Girls’ doubles #2 Miranda Core with her eye on the bird and partner Avery Wilson ready for the next shot.
From left to right- Chaena Aquino, Alana Doi, and Angel Edpalina watching and supporting their teammates.
Girls’ Singles #3 Viva Traver (11) drops the birdie to the opposite side of the court.
Katie Han (11) smashes a deep clear.
#2 co-ed doubles team Katie Han and Jacob Hoenig begin the point.
Head Coach Stephens helps Aiden Sherry (11) strategize for his second game.
Captain Nicole Dittman drops the bird back.
Number one boys’ singles Tristan Kao (10) (left) preparing to return a serve and boys’ singles number two Aiden Sherry (11) returns a clear to his back hand.
Senior Sienna Berdan on senior night.
Number one boys’ singles Tristan Kao (10) drops the birdie back.
From left to right- Sienna Berdan, Liliana Rubio, and Peyton Pederson on their senior night.
From left to right- Avery Wilson, Jordy Villarreal, and Justine Haarberg on their senior night.
The wonderful senior night set up.

Photos by Justine Haarberg

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