Boy’s Volleyball Team: Senior Night Edition

By Hannah Jones

Last night was the last game of the season for Benicia High School Boys Volleyball team. This was the first year that BHS has offered this sport and the team has done really well for their first season. Thursday, April 26, they played against Clayton Valley High School. The team ended up losing 0 to 3.

Since it was the last game of the season, it was also Senior Night. Before the game started, Seniors were introduced with their chosen family and friends to join them on the court for a nice picture. The three seniors on this years team were Steven Bui, #1, Michael Upton, #28, and Adal Tesfay, #10. After the presentation, the JV team was there to hype up the team before the game and it was all very exciting.

All three seniors got to be in the first round which we lost 12-25 but they had the rest of the game to make up for it. During the second round, the team was working hard but lost 11 to 20. The match started to look up and the Panthers ended up getting the score to 20 to 25. In the last and final match Benicia lost 12 to 25. It was a successful game with good plays, amazing teamwork and fun.

The team this year is not only special because it is the first team, but just because of the amazing vibe the team gives off. Just watching them warm up, you can see the camaraderie and how much each player loves playing. Win or lose, this team is a winner because they always keep in mind the most important part of high school, enjoying the experience. These boy built this team from the ground up making it their own. The support that the team gives to each of its members whether they did something good or not is something you don’t see everyday.

One thing that is really cool about the games are that JV is incorporated into the games and are involved as line refs. The crowd also makes the games a whole lot of fun. Since the crowd only takes up one side of the gym, fans from both schools are intermingled in the crowd so it doesn’t matter who gets the point, there is always cheering.

I would suggest that everyone make it a point to come out and watch a game next year because it is pretty easy to follow and is kind of mesmerizing. Since volleyball is so fast pace it is hard to get bored watching the ball fly from player to player or side to side. Don’t worry if you weren’t able to make it to a game this year because next year they will only be better. The JV team has some pretty good players and I am excited to see what will come of this team in the up and coming years here at Benicia High School.

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