Benicia With 10-7 Win Over Quarry Lane

Captain Nicole Dittman drops the bird back. Picture Credit: BENICIA PAW


For their last home game of the season, the Benicia Badminton team played Quarry Lane (Dublin) and pulled off a 10-7 win. Beating Quarry Lane only 9-8 the previous week, the team felt accomplished to pull off another win.

The team celebrated their seniors by decorating the gym and recognizing them before the match. Ashley Ko (11), Angel Edpalina (11), and Sarina Regis (10) helped recognize the seniors on the team. The seniors included Sienna Berdan, Peyton Pederson, Liliana Rubio, Nial Johnson, Eddy Wen, Evan Leong, Justine Haarberg and Jacob Hoenig. Nicole Dittman, Avery Wilson, Miranda Core and Jordy Villarreal were recognized as four year seniors and received sashes along with a poster and a crown.

After celebrating the seniors on the team, the team proceeded with announcements and announced the number one and two singles and doubles players.

Having not practiced for ten days, the players made sure to concentrate on warm ups in order to get their rhythm back. If the team had not practiced for over a week, it did not show. They beat Quarry Lane 10-7 compared to the previous 9-8 win over them. Senior Jacob Hoenig said that he felt “a little out of his element” after not practicing for a while, but after playing a few points with his partner Katie Han, “felt more confident in his shots”. Two hours later, after a few losses but even more wins, Benicia took the win over Quarry Lane.

Congratulations to the Benicia Badminton team on their win and best of luck to the seniors in their future endeavors.

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