Arc Trainer

By: Emily Davis

The new ARC trainer created by CYBEX was invented to burn more calories than a treadmill, and it does just that. According to CYBEX you should burn 16% more calories than if you would normally run. The ARC trainer puts less tension on your joints while moving you in a classic running motion.

 By using the ARC trainer you can set your own heart rate, and preset your ideal workouts. The machine has a total of 21 different levels with a 24 inch leg stride. The maximum weight limit is 400 pounds so almost everyone of most sizes can use this machine. By using the ARC trainer you can work almost all parts of your body including the cardio-vascular system. 

On the other hand the Arc trainers can have some negative sides too. Their price is very high, starting at $7,695 and the magazine screen blocks the data screen so you are not able to see what your heart rate is at, how long you have been working out, or  how many calories you have burned. 

When using this trainer, you are able to move the pedals in any way you want to ensure your workouts do not get broring. The trainer also allows you to lose weight and build muscle in the same workout with the stepping design rather than the elliptical design.

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