Contra Costa Humane Society


The Contra Costa Humane Society, also known as CCHS, started out as small organization stationed in Pleasant Hill, California, and  has grown to be of the larger organizations in the area. Another location of Contra Costa Humane Society, is in Danville, California which is partnered with Pet Food Express which holds dogs. CCHS gets all of their animals from  Martinez Animal Shelter, and Antioch Animal Shelter,to assure that all dogs and cats they have are rescued. 

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The location in Pleasant Hill currently only holds cats, and kittens, yet they do have a successful dog foster and adoption program, “ All of our dogs go into foster homes. Our plan is to increase our foster program significantly over the next year” says Temma Roby. co-president onBoard of Directors of the organization. 

CCHS has recently had a mix of   silent and live auctions, a dinner, and a raffle called coming to the rescue to raise money for the non-profit organization. They ended up with grossing about $33,000 and their net revenue was about $27,593. 

CCHS has successfully found new homes for 20 cats and kittens, and has found 335+ dogs new homes, and have 30 dogs in foster homes. CCHS has a dog foster program that they are currently trying to grow. 

How it Work:

  • CCHS pulls dogs from the Martinez shelter and put the dogs on the adoption page of their website. 
  • CCHS has interested families fill out an application form, making sure that they are a good fit for the dog and the dog is good for them. 
  • The last thing they do is a meet and greet to assure they are a good fit for each other. 
  • CCHS provides all food, water, supplies, and medical care for the foster family. 

Jayme Davis Interview:

Q: What is your role at the Contra Costa Humane Society?

A: My role at the Humane Society is a medical intern and a vet tech.

Q: What do you do in those jobs?

A: As a medical intern and a vet tech I administer medications to sick cats,  I attend vet appointments for cats who have not been adopted yet, and I take cats from local shelters and bring them to our organization to get adopted. 

Q: How do you deal with cats or kittens that behave aggressively?

A: When a cat is aggressive you can wrap them in a towel, try to love them if they let you to try and calm them down, and I wear gloves for protection. 

Q:  About how many cats or kittens have you treated with medical conditions?

A: I have treated about a minimum of 50 cats and kittens. 

Q: What types of medical conditions do you treat at the Contra Costa Humane Society 

A: The conditions that I treat are fleas, ringworm, pink eye, ear mites, and upper respiratory infections.

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