Why Movie Stores Should be Brought Back


The atmosphere and wholesomeness of a movie store has been pushed away from our memories.

As technology and media has advanced, physical artifacts from the past such as DVDs have become simply a memory to those who remember visiting the Blockbuster store that eventually ran out of business. Blockbuster faced diminishing revenue largely due to the rise of easily accessible movies through Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, that made being lazy a tempting shortcut for the masses. 

Instant gratification is a large reason why people decided to discard the idea of putting effort into the little things for the enjoyment of the experience itself. To many, handpicking DVDs are seen as a waste of our time. While not everyone finds as much joy in the experience as others, the option to go to a movie store should still exist and be preserved against the imposing force of rapidly shifting technology. The fall of blockbuster killed the nostalgic experience many of us shared of going to the movie stores to hand pick our favorites among the shelves of colorful movie covers. It killed the small effort we had to put in to get up off our couches, gather a couple of family members, and drive over to the movie stores. It killed the element of surprise, the unpredictability of what random and intriguing movie we may stumble upon. We have wiped out the idea of this experience that takes little to no effort because our minds have shifted with time. Our attention span has shortened, even for leisurely motivations such as watching a movie. Now everything must be fast paced, easy, efficient, and as little time consuming as possible. This is because we have come to believe that the sooner we have checked something off on our “to-do list” the better. 

Experiences that held meaning to us from times when things were slower are seen as burdens to weigh us down from getting what we want as soon as possible, when really the journey there should be just as appreciated. Netflix, now known for its overload of content that largely goes unnoticed due to its abundance is one of the most popular mediums for video streaming. Our chance to filter through this overload of content has been minimized. The atmosphere and wholesomeness of a movie store has been pushed away from our memories, as an influx of easily accessible content to satisfy our need for instant gratification has taken its place in a new era.

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