‘Stranger Things’ Star Joe Keery Releases Debut LP

By Dylan Greenwell

Joe Keery posing for his LP cover Twenty Twenty

If you’re surprised to hear that Stranger Things actor Joe Keery (aka, Steve) is making music, then you’ve probably never heard of the band he is in, Post Animal, formed in 2014. All members contribute to songwriting and lead vocals. It’s labeled as “psychedelic rock” and they continue to tour and make music. 

Joe Keery has decided to go a different route and release his own LP (another word for album) under the name “DJO”, which came out on September 13th. Titled Twenty Twenty, the alternative indie album consists of the songs: “Showtime”,  “Personal Lies”, “Tentpole Shangrila”, “Just Along for the Ride”, “Chateau (Feel Alright)”, “Roddy”, “Ring”, “BNBG”, “Mortal Projections”, “Total Control”, “Flash Mountain”, and “Mutual Future (Repeat)”. The singles on the album are “Roddy”, “Chateau (Feel Alright)”, and “Mortal Projections”. 

This new album and the songs on it show that Joe Keery isn’t just looking at a music career as a side project. While there are no dates for any possible tours, hopefully the success of it will bring some dates in the near future. 

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