The BHS Volleyball Game on October 9th


On Tuesday, the young women on the BHS Junior Varsity and Varsity Volleyball teams went up against Concord High school. The BHS JV team seemed relaxed, and collected. They breezed through the first set and smashed Concord 25-10. The set ended almost as quickly as it began. The second set prompted Concord to fight more vigorously, with many more volleys and saving-dives from both sides. Eventually, history repeated itself, with Benicia beating Concord 25-13. 

When asked about how she felt about her team’s performance, JV player, Victoria Cane stated, “I think we did good playing, like passing, setting, serving, hitting and all that.” She did however, as good athletes always do, have some insight of what to improve, she said “I think we could’ve done a little bit better on our communicating.” All in all, JV exceeded my expectations of what a JV team should play and function like. This year we can expect big things from them. 

Next up, Varsity. Many of these young women have been playing volleyball for years, and hone their skills on and off the court. There was a considerable energy-difference as the Varsity team took the court. As the first set began, lightning fast serves and spikes flew across the court like artillery. The raw power and speed denoted one thing. This is Varsity… After many volleys, the first set came to a close, with the BHS women winning 25-11. The second began, this time the Concord women put up more of a fight, as this set lasted considerably longer and consisted of many close plays on both sides. Ultimately, the result was the same, 25-16 Panthers. 

After a not-so-brief scoreboard malfunction, the third set began. This was the big fight, as Varsity plays best 3-out-of-5. It was all going well, about 24-12, when Concord came on a last wind, scoring 6 points in a row leaving the score at 24-18. After a quick reset, the BHS Varsity team sealed Concords fate. 25-18 Panthers. 

As true, professional athletes are, all the women I interviewed were critical of their performance, albeit it was hard to get them to say what they did right. Sydney Lee said, “Overall the game went pretty well. I think we need to work on our communication skills, and overall the season is going pretty well.” Another Varsity player, Sara Mcbride, said “I think the games was ALRIGHT. I feel like we were all playing new and different positions so it was kind of scrambled i would say; a little chaotic, and we didn’t really mesh together well but, i think we still played pretty good.” Caroline Glaser, another varsity star, said, “I think since our team is close and we play well together, our chemistry is really good, and because of that i feel like that’s gonna take us really far.” 

In conclusion the game was quite exciting to watch, and I think we can all expect big things from the Volleyball team this year. 

Senior Mikayla Carter spikes the ball.

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