The Student Forum on October 3rd


The student forum was held last Thursday, October 3rd, during access period. Lead by School Principal Mrs. Kleinschmidt and student leader Lauren Calica, the forum first addressed the concerns regarding the limited variety of vegan options on the school menu. A sample table of current and future options were displayed, including a vegan buffalo calzone, various types of lentil soup, and vegan tamales. Various favorite non-vegan items were also talked about, including the legendary chicken pesto sandwich, corn dogs with tater tots, and the rib sandwich. Overall, the forum looked to increase the amount of vegan options for lunch, and bring out favorite foods in more quantity. 

Next on the agenda was homecoming. There’s no escaping the drama, and controversy that has arisen around the homecoming court in the past few weeks. Many students expressed their concerns that the homecoming court has simply become a popularity contest for the schools elite and popular. Mac Williams, a student representative who attended the forum, stated, “Homecoming, being about school spirit, is a nice idea, but unfortunately I think the reality is that homecoming court decides who is popular and who is not.” The sad fact is, many other students agree with Williams. Many solutions to fixing homecoming and the court were brought up, some even included dissolving the court itself, and replacing it with a class competition, No one solution was favored over another, so the representatives have a lot to discuss in the upcoming forums. The problem still remains however, students in general are unhappy with what the homecoming court has become. 

Panther Passport Week was next on the agenda. For those who don’t know, Panther Passport Week is a week intended to display all the diversity and different cultures we have here at Benicia High. Students expressed concerns over the event taking up class time, saying that calls time is for class time, and extra activities should be used for access and lunch time. Some activities proposed would include food from different cultures, music, and even national anthems from different countries. 

In the general concerns portion of the forum, students brought concerns over the music that is played at lunch in the quad. Many students in the forum said that the music was far too loud… frankly i agree. Another student representative brought up concerns over hearing safety at the volume the music is played at. Other problems included the music itself not being diverse enough, and not catering to a wide range of music lovers at school. This issue was almost unanimously agreed upon. A suggestion for creating a more diverse playlist, was letting students submit song requests on a sign-up sheet, so everyone can listen to music they like. 

Many of the student representatives have faith in the forum and believe it will positively impact Benicia High school for the better. We encourage you to talk to your student representative in your access class about anything you think the students of this school can do to make the school a more positive environment.

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