What is Climate Strike Week, and How it Started.


Many people across the world are asking “What is Climate Strike Week? after seeing the phrase ‘Climate Strike Week’  first trending on Twitter approximately one week ago. The Climate Strike Week is an event started by youth around the world in an attempt to bring attention to climate change and the need to help reduce it’s negative effect. The Climate Strike Week is also one of the largest youth organized events ever led.  The youth have organized many strikes in cities across the world, protesting, and expressing their concerns for their future, breaking records with this being the largest number of protesters a global climate strike has ever seen, with approximately 6 million people in attendance.

A large part of the motivation and influence of the Climate Strikes, is Swedish teen climate activist, Greta Thunberg. Thunberg  has been getting a large amount of attention, with her actions and words to bring awareness to climate change. Greta first grabbed the public’s attention when she was 15, by entering a writing competition for the Swedish newspaper ‘Svenska Dagbladet’ and winning, getting her article titled: “We Know – And We Can Do Something Now” about climate change, published to the paper, getting her her first dose of attention from the media.

After the article got her media attention, she then began to use this attention for good, by holding her own school climate strike, sitting outside of the Sweedish Parliament on August 20, 2018, from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm, essentially the length of a whole school day, with a sign, translating to enlgish, “School Strike for Climate”. She went back over the course of 21 days,with more and more people gathering each day for the strike, until Sweedish National elections on September 9th, 2018.

In the past few weeks, Greta has gained media attention yet again, by traveling by boat to the United Nations Climate Summit, in New York City from England over a span of 15 days, to travel completely carbon free. Although the feedback may not have been positive, she has been using her newfound fame to bring attention to climate issues, and how she is using her resources to travel as carbon free as possible, helping the environment in every way everyday every way she can. . 

Since the Climate Strike week has begun,Thunberg has proclaimed “FridaysForFuture,” meaning Fridays are Climate Striking days. When asked why Fridays, she reasoned, “Why study for a future, which may not be there?” and “Why spend a lot of effort to become educated, when our governments are not listening to the educated?” 

‘FridaysForFuture’ was a major part in the Climate Strikes happening all over the world in the past week. Friday September 20th was the beginning, with over 4 million people all over the world striking for the climate. Her most recent act for climate was in a very emotional four minute speech at the United Nations General Assembly, on September 23, 2019 expressing her feelings on the fact that change needs to be made, and it needs to be made quick, before we throw away the future we have all been dreaming of our whole lives. 

Greta’sThunbergs, climate speech at United Nations General Assembly, in New York, September 23, 2019 : 

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