The Conservatory of Flowers – San Francisco’s Secret Garden


For those who have not yet made a trip to Golden Gate Park’s Victorian Era glass green house called The Conservatory of Flowers, stopping by will be well worth your time. Home to over 2,000 species of plants and flowers, it is one of the most beautiful, calming, and exotic spots to see a variety of plants in San Francisco. It is perfect for escaping the chaos and busyness of everyday life, and is just the right place to be if you love plants or want to learn more about them.

The conservatory features five galleries that each display a representation of a different ecosystem, including a tropical rain forest and cloud forest. Enveloped in colors of bright flowers, clear water, drooping leaves, and stained glass windows, the smell, touch, and sights of the conservatory makes it San Francisco’s very own secret garden, full of endless life and light. The director of the conservatory, Matthew Stephens, is happy to state that the Conservatory is ̈proud to translate the amazing stories of plants and unique features of ingenious adaptation traits…We are proud to welcome children of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.¨ Not only is the Conservatory a place to learn and observe its beauty, but it is also a welcoming and warm place that can bring happiness and calmness to anyone of any age. Below are some of the beautiful plants and sights the conservatory has to offer.

Medinilla plant, also known as Rose grape
Indian Shot, a species of Canna family; also known as African arrowroot
Common swamp pitcher plant, a species of tropical pitcher plants

Golden and red koi fish

Homalomena occulta plant
Evergreen azalea, a species of Rhododendron
One out of the five sunlit galleries

The stained glass walls of the conservatory

Giant water lily pads

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