Career Access Event


Benicia High School often holds access events where adult speakers will come to talk about their profession and “Help students learn about all of the jobs out their” says Principal Brianna Kleinschmidt. This access period on October 24th had one of the largest outcomes of students attending in support of the guest teachers.  

This access, there was an airline pilot, social worker, small business owner and construction worker. Each speaker described their profession in detail and explained why they loved it and their strengths in their jobs. They all touched on the fact that when you get out of highschool everyone goes through so many options and professions before they find the one that they love and expressed that its okay to be lost and confused with not already knowing what exactly you want to do. 

The small business owner of the Juice House and Yoga House spoke and explained in order to become a business owner you “must be self motivated”. She explained her life and how she got pregnant in highschool and overcame all obstacles to get an education in finance, opening up businesses that she is passionate about, and becoming her own boss all while taking care of her family and successfully balancing everything in her life.

Another speaker represented social working. She explained how she loves her job and how she has the ability to “see people feel like they are worth while again,” and in order to become a social worker you must be “empathetic and understand other people’s feelings in order to help people help themselves.” 

The airline pilot dressed in his uniform and spoke passionately about his profession constantly mentioning how much he liked his job. He tried to inspire people to find a job they truly love saying “get into something that makes you excited, if so then you will never work a day in your life” He explained the process of getting an airplane off the ground, how much you work with others, the pay, flexible schedules, and how his job allows him to “be an explorer everywhere I go, meeting new people, and trying new foods.” 

The last speaker was a construction worker. He explained how everyday he learns new things, gets to problem solve, and always works closely with people. He explained how incredibly ratifying it is to eventually pass a building he built and hear his kids say “that’s the building that daddy built.” 

Each speaker stressed the importance of working with your passions. They advised us all to be “fearless when you talk to people and when you ask questions.” and to never let anyone “put you in a box.” Everyone must learn to express themselves and love what they do. If you feel lost or are interested to explore the world of all different kinds of professions in the world go to the carer speakers and feel free to ask questions and see all of the options out there. 

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