Governing Board Meeting


Twice a month the Benicia Unified School District holds a governing board meeting. Thursday 17th was one of their meetings that was held in October. Benicia Unified School District claims the meeting “shall be free from discrimination, harassment, intimidation, bullying against an individual or group…”

This meeting is a tool to connect every school in the district. It opens up the ability to learn from one another and feed ideas off of each other to develop the best schools possible. These meetings have representing members from the various elementary schools, middle school, Benicia High School, and Liberty high.  

Every member no matter what school showed every person speaking and attending an enormous amount of support. When the meeting began, Mrs. Moore, the principle for Robert Semple Elementary, gave an update on how their school has been by showing their new series inspired by Benicia High Schools Panther Tv, Dragon TV. When the video came on the room filled with support through laughter and encouragement for finding a new creative outlet for children to experience and participate in on their campus.

The meeting was filled with all age groups creating a more comfortable environment Their were two student speakers that came to represent their schools, Lauren Calica representing Benicia High School and Ireland Ingle representing Liberty High. They gave updates on homecoming and how it was, senior panoramics, upcoming events, and answered questions. 

This meeting showed me how our school district is able to encourage, support, and inspire one another disregarding what school you come from. Collectively they celebrated Mr. O’reilly winning teacher of the year, and the successful construction of Benicia Middle school. I would encourage people to come to a meeting to hear updates on every school in the district and for a safe place for suggestions and questions.

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