PG&E Power Outage and Major Fire


Aftermath of the Glen Cove Fire passing through the neighborhood

Due to weather conditions such as Santa Ana high winds and from low humidity, PG&E power outages began to cut off more than half a million customers in the Northern side of California hoping to avoid any risks of wildfires. However, on Sunday morning two intense wildfires broke out which caused towns to be evacuated and freeway closures across the Northern side of the Bay Area.The Glen Cove fire in Vallejo caused the other fire in Crockett to abrupt which was right across from it.

Small fire still burning in the hills of Glen Cove

The Glen Cove fire started at around 9:30 am, burning about 150 acres. The thick smoke began to cloud the I-80 freeway and was soon forced to close down on both sides. Many residents in Glen Cove were then evacuated from their homes due to how close the fire was. However, the fire began to cool down due to extreme winds and firemen assistance. A local Rio Costa firefighter even commented “This morning there were extreme fires, and we were bouncing ‘round the northern state, but at around 11:35, it wasn’t as bad as this morning, this was a lucky case because the wind pushed it somewhere else.” After passing through Glen cove and catching two houses on fire, the fire jumped the freeway and  headed towards state University Maritime Academy where it continued to cause havoc on the Contra Costa side. It managed to quickly spread to Crockett south of the Carquinez Strait and was immediately closed down. At 2:30 the Carquinez bridge was reopened, all evacuations were lifted in vallejo, and at around 3 pm, I-80 began to open up, however, there were extreme traffic flowing in both directions of the freeway. At this time, the fire has finally stopped and fire fighters are just left to clean up the burnt remains.

The next day after the whole fire incident, more PG&E power outages happen. Also, the air quality was well above 250, Monday in Vallejo and Benicia, there was an early release of student’s who were currently at school. All in All, the Glen Cove fire burned 200 acres and spread all the way to Crockett and the aftermath was heavy smoke carrying throughout the Bay Area having residents nearby stay at home.

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