Bring Back the “White Boy of the Month” Meme


The complete 2018 white boy of the month calendar

In 2018, a new pattern was noticed among users on Twitter. Every month there would be a new male celebrity that is worshipped by the teenage girls and young adult women on the app. This sparked a new meme known as “White Boy of the Month”, where people would poke fun of the sudden rise in popularity of these young male celebrities just because they are attractive.

The meme slowly faded away after 2018 ended, however, there was a completed calendar of the meme left behind. Although the meme hasn’t come back, there is still a social commentary about how girls standards are so low that they hype up the most simple men. Some of the men on the calendar are kind of a joke like how Michael B. Jordan is the “White Boy of the Month” for February, even though he is not white. It mostly has to do with popularity and how anyone can jump to the top.

I think the meme was a funny way to expose how easily people are impressed and awed by simple beauty standards. It showed that if you basically had dark curly hair and fair skin, you could get fame rather quickly without needing real talent. For example, Noah Centineo was a “White Boy of the Month”. However, in my opinion, he doesn’t have real talent. His acting is subpar and he is only featured in bad movies. Since he was seen as handsome, it didn’t matter if he had talent; he only had to be cute.

Honestly, I want this meme to come back because it will be funny in a few years when people reminisce about who they liked previously. It will be sad when those on the calendar realize that they were only liked for being attractive. But, humor is subjective so I guess memes and trends fade away for a reason.

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