Fans Angered with Hell in a Cell match between Seth Rollins and The Fiend

By Angela Cezile Nabong

Many WWE fans left the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento in absolute rage about the WWE Hell in a Cell fight on the night of October 6, 2019. Before the match between Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt, there were hyped up fights which had Becky Lynch  vs Sasha Banks, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan vs. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair, and The OC (AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows) vs. Viking Raiders along with a mystery part.

In the main event, universal champion wrestler Seth Rollins stepped inside Hell in a Cell and went up against Bray Wyatt, otherwise known as his masked alter ego, The Fiend. Rollins pulled out all sorts of attacks on The Fiend, but it surprisingly did not take him down; it was as if he were invincible. Unexpectedly, Seth swung a sledgehammer onto a pile of chairs,ladders, and tools that were lying on top of Wyatt. The Ref called for the bell and Rollins still kept his championship. However, after the match, when the paramedics came to help The Fiend, he quickly rose up and attacked Rollins with a “sister abigail,” also known as one of Wyatt’s other alter egos. Wyatt dragged him out of the cage and began to tear up the matted floor and smash the poor helpless Rollins onto the concrete floor. At last the crowd was left in darkness until loud, shrieking music began to play. The lights flashed onto the screen and showed The Fiend dragging  the fragile body of Rollins backstage. 

WWE fans were not pleased with the ending of the main event, so once the match was over, many of the fans began to boo and chant for a refund. Tweets from Twitter began to spread using the hashtag #cancelwwenetwork to cancel WWE Network. William Marianneson tweeted “The hashtag isn’t enough. Post your receipts. When any scripted entertainment stops making sense, or consistently insults our intelligence, and there’s no hint of it ever getting better, you just stop watching #cancelwwenetwork.” Other fans however were defensive towards the hashtag. Brandon Collymore tweeted, “The same people that tweet #CancelWWENetwork are the same ones who don’t actually cancel it lmfao. Hate to break it to you… but the WWE Network is actually a good deal.” Colin Fuentes tweeted, “Yall are mad cancer for being apart of this “cancel” culture, just makes you look like a bunch of spoiled brats #cancelwwenetwork.” 

All in All, WWE fans were dissatisfied with the outcome of the main match between Seth Rollins. There were problems with the main, the first problem was that throughout the whole match, it was taken up with mostly Seth throwing objects onto The Fiend, second problem was Bray Wyatt had a lot of infamous attacks on Seth, which made the crowd complain and began booing. Lastly, WWE tried to end the match with loud flashing lights and The Fiend dragging away Seth away making it unknown on who would be rewarded with the Universal Champion. Which causes outbursts of many people trying cancel WWE Network on Twitter.

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