The Student Forum on 11/7

The Benicia High School Football Field  


The student forum was held last week, Thursday the 7th, in the PAB. This forum focused on certain issues, rather than the normal crossfire of ideas. The normal crossfire of different views is usually very productive, but it is good to analyze bigger decisions more so the student body can make the right decisions. 

The first item on the agenda was the question of whether the school should have a winter dance. In past instances, winter dances have usually failed, with little ticket sales, and low student enthusiasm. This year’s winter dance promises to change that. The leadership promises better advertising, and a more comprehensive theme. Of the themes brought up, Frozen seemed to be a crowd favorite. It does appear that the winter dance this year will be more successful than past winter dances. 

The last item on the list was more of a collection of topics. Many students brought up the fact that some student drivers have made a habit of speeding, peeling, and driving recklessly in the upper student parking lot. This, of course, is a major issue-many pedestrians are still walking to their cars after school ends. Almost the entire group of representatives agreed that more measures need to be taken in order to up student safety near the stadium and upper student parking lot. Some ideas were to add stop signs at certain intervals in all the parking lots and roads on campus, or to have Benicia Police Department do a one-time traffic bust, and heavily enforce driving laws within and around the school. 

The next part of the issue was the amount of parents stopping to let their kids off in the middle of the road off of Plaza De Oro street. Every morning, despite numerous signs saying not to stop, parents stop their vehicles in the middle of the street to unload their kids. This often causes heavy stop-and-go traffic that often blocks both lanes of traffic. Benicia Police Department is aware of the issue, as well as the school. Some measures are being made to solve the problem. More soon to come.

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